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We develop SEO strategies that improve search engine rankings, generate more traffic for your business, and increase your business’ revenue.

But don’t take our word for it. Here’s one of our Boise SEO Clients who we got RANKED in top positions for both Maps and organic listings for some of their most competitive keywords. We can do the same for your business!

Click Sluice has helped me get the #1 spot on Google for my most wanted keywords. Their results have been fantastic and it has helped grow my business substantially. I highly recommend their services.

Warren DanforthOwner of Spa 35 in Boise, Idaho

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Keys Factors for a Successful SEO Campaign

Specifics about how we can help increase your Boise Search Engine Rankings.

Target the Right Keywords for Your Boise SEO Campaign

Your potential customers and clients are searching Google and other search engines for the product or service you offer constantly. But the challenge most business website owners face is figuring out exactly which terms prospects are searching for, and how their website can get on page one of search engines for these specific keywords. Keyword research is all about determining which strategic keywords you should be targeting in your website’s content, and then how to create that content to satisfy both search engines and the people searching. Our keyword research provides you with specific search data that can help you answer questions like:

  • What specific terms are people in Boise searching for related to your business?
  • How many people (per month) are searching for those terms?

You likely have a few keywords in mind that you would like to rank for. These will be things like your products, services, or other topics your website addresses, and they are a great place for us to start researching. We’ll then use keyword research tools to uncover other valuable search terms for us to target for your SEO campaign. Our Boise SEO team will gather multiple keywords and pull a number of metrics to determine the keyword’s potential value to your business.

How to Choose Your SEO Keywords

Simply put, you’ll want to target the keywords that are going to have the most search volume, and result in the highest conversion rate possible for your business. The best approach is to use a combination of both short and long-tail keywords throughout your website.

On-Site Search Engine Optimization for Your Business Website

These days, user experience and SEO go hand in hand and optimizing for user experience will improve your ability to rank higher. In the beginning, Google supposedly only used a handful of ranking factors to determine the SERPs. Today that number is estimated to be around 200 ranking factors. The nice part about this though is that some factors carry much more weight than others. On-Site SEO (also called Technical SEO) is one of the main things that you can directly control in order to help yourself rank higher. This include things like:

  • Title tags – search engines like Google use your title tag to understand what your page is about and then serves that content to its users. Make sure your title tag is less than 155 characters, unique to the page, and click worthy.
  • Meta descriptions – Search engines show your website’s meta description in search results more frequently when the searched-for phrase is within the description, so optimizing the meta description is a simple and import thing that can be done to improve your SEO.
  • Image alt tags – Applying alt tags to images such as product or services photos can positively impact a business’ search engine rankings, especially for local SEO.
  • Schema – This is specific “markup” (code) that helps the search engines return more informative results for users directly within search engine results pages (SERPS).

The ultimate goal of on-site SEO is to leverage the factors Google uses to judge the quality of each of your web pages. We can then create content that uses these factors to enhance the experience of your prospective clients and customers to increase conversions (phone calls and sales).

On-Site SEO Audit

If your site isn’t where you want it to be and you’re not seeing the traffic or search rankings that your competitors have, you need to run an SEO website audit. An SEO audit checks for site errors, meta descriptions and title tags and helps you uncover what needs to be fixed or changed on your web pages to boost your search engine visibility.

Achieving Top Search Engine Rankings with the Right Content Marketing Strategy

Effective content marketing is critical for modern SEO. The content on your website has a direct effect on your website’s ability to rank on Google and on your ability to convert visitors into customers and clients. Google has come right out and stated that “content” is among its top three ranking factors. An effective content marketing strategy starts with keyword and user intent research.

Once we know what search terms your audience is using, and what kind of content they are looking for, we can then design a content strategy that answers their specific questions and helps move them through your sales funnel.

At Click Sluice, we have a team of content creators consisting of writers, photographers and videographers that can create the content necessary for both top search engine rankings, and the highest possible conversion rates. It’s our goal to provide our clients confidence in knowing that their website content is professionally written and designed to engage the interest of their potential customers and clients.

SEO Content Fundamentals

Always create (or have content created) for your potential customers or clients first. Never put content on your website simply because you think your website needs more content. Everything on your website should serve a purpose for your prospect. It should serve a specific purpose, address and answer frequently asked questions, or help illustrate why you are the best choice to do business with.

Google Maps Listing Optimization

Google Maps are featured prominently on mobile devices for users seeking local solutions. As a result, Google Maps marketing offers incredible advertising exposure for any business. Optimization specifically targeted at Google Maps marketing has quickly evolved into an essential ingredient for local SEO in Boise. Google maps SEO drives highly-qualified local traffic to all types of businesses. As a result, Google maps optimization has become one of the most powerful tools in local marketing.

Google search engine results pages (SERPs) often display local maps listings based on a users’ location and keyword search. For example, if a user searches for “boise plumbers” then Google will display geographically-relevant businesses within the Boise map listings.

For these reasons we include Google Business listing optimization (Google Maps) for all of our SEO clients.

Google Maps Ranking Factors

Primary factors that influence Google Maps rankings:

  • Whether or not your business’ Google Business page is verified.
  • The volume and accuracy of “citations” to your business (mentions of the business name, address, and phone number on other web listings, such as Yelp, Facebook, Yellowpages, LinkedIn, etc.).
  • The volume and average rating of reviews on your Google My Business listing.
  • The proximity in which your business is located to the searcher and often to the centermost point of downtown Boise.
  • The domain authority of your business’ website.

Importance of Google Maps for Local SEO

With mobile Internet use dramatically increasing, the relevancy for Google Maps marketing is on the rise for a majority of local businesses.

  • Today’s digital environment revolves around mobile use, with 80% of internet users owning a smartphone.
  • Over half of Google searches done on a mobile device are done so with the intent of looking for a local business, service, product, or information.
  • Google search continues to focus on local searchers seeking products and services in their area. Beyond marketing, Google Maps displays general brand and business information such as hours of operation, physical location, customer reviews, and driving directions.

Why Choose Click Sluice for Your SEO Services?

Retention Through Results, Not Contracts.

We take pride in producing real results for our clients. We believe our work speaks for itself and we want to prove it to you. It’s how we’ve managed to maintain over 90% of our clients year after year. We want to become partners and build relationships with our clients, not lock them into a contract that only benefits us.

We’re dedicated to helping you achieve top search engine rankings so that your business gets more customers, clients, and sales. Top search engine rankings are great, but increasing your bottom line is our main objective. Clients hire us to increase their revenue and grow their business, that is the ultimate measure of our success.

Larsen Law Office – Michael Larsen is an attorney in Boise, Idaho. His law firm focuses in the areas of DUI and Criminal Defense.

Michael now has top rankings for the highly competitive keyword “dui lawyer boise” which brings in new clients month after month.

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We Won’t Help Your Competitors.

We only take one client per market and geographic area. Period.

We are not a “big box” marketing company and we’re proud of that fact. We’re all about building long-term partnerships with our clients. A big part of that relationship is never helping your competition.

We want you, and you alone to dominate your market.

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