Digital Branding and Content Creation

Online, content is king and perception is reality.

The Importance of Building and Developing the Digital Brand of Your Business

What is Digital Branding?
Like traditional branding, your digital brand is simply the perception people have of your business online. It is all about establishing and building trust with potential clients (especially while they are in the decision phase of the “purchase” process). Establishing a digital brand is an essential part of growing your business online for two main reasons.

First, Google’s #1 goal is to produce the best user experience for anyone using their service. Google’s algorithm is far advanced now, and it takes brand signals into account when ranking websites organically. The more trusted your brand is in Google’s eyes, the higher you will rank organically. This is because Google recognizes that people trust well branded companies and therefore it improves their search experience when they find them. Second, having a trusted and established digital brand will help convert more of your website visitors into customers and clients.

Status and Prestige Reduces Psychological Risks

As just mentioned, a brand signifies quality. If you have high brand equity, your brand is perceived as high quality. When potential clients see you on page one of Google, you automatically gain prestige in their eyes. Perception is reality and their inherent (perceived or otherwise) risks are minimized dramatically because of this.

Pillars of a Good Digital Brand


In all things, from the quality of your website, graphics, and video to the way your text is written. Your brand should reflect professionalism at every turn.

Reviews & Testimonials

You should keep a very close eye on reviews your clients leave for you. Prospective customers will take these very seriously when considering whether or not to hire you.


When clients do engage with you and then you don’t live up to the brand promises you made in your content, this will almost certainly damage your brand in the form of negative online reviews.  Be sure to deliver on any and all of your brand’s promises.

Be Unique

What is it that sets you apart from your competition? Is it your experience, dedication, competitive price? Always leverage this in any and all ways possible. Take what it is that makes you unique and leverage that against your competition.


Supporting Your Brand with Compelling, Useful, and Quality Content

Content is king on the internet, and key to the online marketing efforts of any business.  The days of simply producing content just for the sake of publishing something are far behind us.  Google’s algorithm has been refined to both reward websites with quality, useful content and to devalue the ones that have none. It’s never been more important to create good quality content for your website than it is now.

This is why we take the time to create an overall content strategy in order to achieve long-lasting effective SEO and Conversion Optimization results. We work with our clients to create customized and compelling content to attract new leads and convert them into paying customers.

Your content should be robust, well-written, accurate and most importantly, useful to your potential clients. There is no minimum or maximum ideal length; it just needs to be long enough to serve its purpose. Sometimes that may mean just a few hundred words, and other times, that may mean several thousand words.

Types of Digital Content We Create

Web Pages


Your website should be broken down into individual pages. These pages should discuss the solution(s) to the problem a potential customer or client may be facing.



Your images should support your brand and paint a picture to potential customers that YOU are the local expert.

Blog Posts


At times, you should refresh your website content by creating value added blog posts that speak to your core audience.



Video content is the most popular on the internet. It’s easily digestible and people like learning through video. A professional video can provide you with a lot of credibility quickly.

Building Trust in Your Brand Increases Conversion Rates

In a recent survey 72% of internet searchers said that positive reviews make them trust a local business more.

Many businesses have their blinders on when it comes to digital marketing. They believe that because they serve a localized base of clients, what people are saying on the internet is irrelevant. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Currently it is estimated that 90% of internet searchers read online reviews before visiting a business (basically everyone) and that those searchers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations.

The facts are that the content of online reviews from places like Google, Yelp, and even Facebook can mean the difference between a successful digital marketing campaign, and a failed one. For example, positive comments from customers or clients produce an average increase in conversions of around 20 percent.

Conversely, 22 percent of searchers won’t call your business (convert) after reading more than one negative review, and four or more bad reviews can decrease your conversion rate up to 70 percent. A conversion rate that poor is a horrible waste of ad dollars.