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A Digital Sluice Box for Your Business.

We’re an ROI Focused Digital Marketing Agency Serving Local Service Businesses throughout the U.S.

sluice [slo͞os] sluice-speaker

Also called a “sluice box” in gold mining. A long, sloping trough with grooves on the bottom into which water is directed to separate gold from gravel or sand.

At Click Sluice our mission is to increase our client’s revenue by providing them with more of the customers, clients, and sales that they want.

What We Do.

We help grow local service businesses by increasing their revenue through ROI focused digital marketing strategies.

At Click Sluice, we are not all things to all businesses. We offer a specific set of digital marketing services to a few select industries. We know exactly what it takes to get the phone to ring for our clients, and that’s precisely what we offer.

Unfortunately, many of our clients come to us after having been burned by one or more marketing companies. They’re frustrated that they aren’t seeing the results being promised to them and that they desire. We believe this is because the full-service agency model doesn’t work for local service businesses.

That is why we don’t offer SEO services to just anyone who will hire us, and we don’t run PPC campaigns for random businesses. We run strategically built local online marketing campaigns for a few specific industries.


How We Do It.

At the core of our agency is a digital marketing process we’ve created and call the Digital Sluice System.

Our Digital Sluice System was created specifically for local service businesses. It is the result of eleven years of digital marketing experience, millions of dollars of client ad spend and thousands of hours of strategic thinking, planning and collaborating. We’ve proven that it both works and is replicable in almost any geographic market.

SEO, PPC, and website design are simply tools we use, they’re not the foundation of what we do. Clients hire us to increase their revenue, that is the ultimate measure of our success.

We created the Digital Sluice System to simplify digital marketing for our clients. It provides them with a strategy and results instead of confusion and wasted marketing dollars. It provides new customers, clients, and patients to their businesses in a time when traditional marketing channels are becoming less and less effective.


Why It Works.

For digital marketing to be effective, you need multiple elements to work together.

If you have a bad website, or only run PPC ads, or only do SEO, it will not work. That’s where our Digital Sluice System comes in. It’s a process that we’ve developed over the course of 10 years for our specific clients and their exact industries.

Digital marketing for your local service business does not need to be complicated or overly expensive, and when done correctly it should make your phone ring and leave you with a substantial return on your investment.

Our Digital Sluice System takes complicated service models and offerings like PPC, SEO, Web Design, Content Creation, CRO and more and creates one simple, seamless path to growth and profitability for your local service business.

Retention Through Results, Not Contracts.

We’re not “salespeople.” In fact, we don’t employ any salespeople and we don’t do contracts. We believe our work speaks for itself and we want to prove it to you. It’s how we’ve managed to retain roughly 90% of our clients year after year. We want to become partners and build relationships with our clients, not lock them into a contract that only benefits us.

When you do well, we do well. Click Sluice is built on “win-win” partnerships.

Clients Retained

Successful Campaigns Launched

We Won’t Help Your Competitors.

We only take one client per market and geographic area. Period.

We are not a “big-box” marketing company and we’re proud of that. We’re all about building long-term partnerships with our clients. A big part of that relationship is never helping your competition.

We want you, and you alone to dominate your market.

A Few of the Businesses We’ve Helped

We’re Proud Google Certified Partners

As certified Google Partners, we’re well-versed in all things Google. This includes Google Ads (pay-per-click advertising, or PPC for short), Analytics, Display Network and YouTube video advertising. As a Google Partner we must manage an ad spend of at least $10,000 every 90 days and continuously meet Google’s standards to maintain our partner status. Being a Google Partner means consistently delivering quality service to all of our clients, which in turn provides them with a competitive advantage.

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